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Challenging Implicit Racist and Sexist Beliefs With Keith Frankish | EP.31

On episode 31, of Seize The Moment podcast, we welcome back philosopher Keith Frankish. We learn about belief formation, how we make decisions, how to form healthier habits. Also touching on how we can effectively challenge racist and sexist beliefs.

Keith was previously on episode 25 of Seize The Moment podcast. An episode where we discussed how consciousness is an illusion created by our brains, cognitive biases and how they affect our mental health, and how learning about them can alter our actions.

Keith Frankish is a British philosopher specializing in philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of cognitive science. He is an Honorary Reader at the University of Sheffield, UK, Visiting Research Fellow with The Open University, and adjunct Professor with the Brain and Mind Programme at the University of Crete.

Keith is known for his “illusionist” stance in the theory of consciousness. He holds that the conscious mind is a virtual system, a trick of the biological mind. In other words, phenomenality is an introspective illusion.

Our latest episode with Keith raises many questions. Do we really know ourselves, our beliefs, and our behaviors? Evidence indicates that the answer isn’t straight forward. Human beings are prone to self-deception, convinced of how great or terrible we are without a full acceptance of the relevant information.

We form beliefs to make sense of ourselves and the world, but what happens when they become toxic? Can we change them by becoming more introspective or are we doomed to a lifetime of dysfunctional beliefs and habits?

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