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Celebrity Pyshic Sloan Bella, Says She Channeled Tupac Shakur

A Los Angeles based psychic Sloan Bella claims that Tupac Shakur communicated with her in a recent video uploaded to YouTube.

Professional celebrity Psychic Medium and Master Astrologer Sloan Bella took to YouTube to channel the late music icon. In the video, she delves into the meanings of dates that events happened and talked about Tupac’s energy.

Sloan, originally from Canada, always connected with the other side, even at an early age. In her career, Sloan Bella has appeared on numerous television shows. Shes also given readings to Cameron Diaz and Anna Nicole Smith among others.

Sloan Bella
Sloan Bella

According to Sloan Bella, Tupac Shakur is one of the most requested celebrities to channel. She starts off by telling her viewers that Tupac knew his purpose in life from an early age. Because he came from a family of activist’s and Black Panther members, Tupac acknowledged that all of that was deep-rooted. As she talks about the vibes she’s getting, Sloan senses that Tupac regrets maybe letting certain people around him. Expanding, she said that Tupac knew that not everyone around him was down for him.

Sloan Bella Speaks On Tupac Empowering People

Touching on Tupac’s personality and events in his life, Sloan Bella leans to the idea of set up’s in situations. For example, she mentions that ‘Pac showed her himself in court having a feeling of disconnection with the jury. But Sloan says that Tupac’s life was always geared towards the empowerment of black people. She said that Afeni and other members of the Shakur family were, in fact, politically connected. The agenda for this movement that Tupac would eventually fight for planned out before his birth.

Sloan Bella Tupac

In recent months we’ve seen some of ‘Pac’s ‘friends’ use his name for clout or to promote their agenda. Sloan Bella says ‘Pac seems like he specifically picks out Snoop Dogg and Drake and says he’s laughing at them. Furthermore, Sloan also says that Tupac gave her a message specifically for them saying; “he’s not trapped.”

Later on, the topic turns to his unsolved murder and the person that he feels was responsible. With Tupac leading people and giving a voice to the oppressed, Sloan Bella believes ‘Pac had the government shook. She states that the hit on Tupac was political and came from a politician from the east. She goes onto say that a female hanging around ‘Pac had a relative who’s connections lead to the government.


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