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Casanova Violates Westchester County Jail Rules For TikTok Challenge

Casanova took part in a TikTok challenge which was a violation of Westchester County Jail when it comes to recording videos during visitation.

A video visitation was set for Casanova and a female, when the rapper decided to participate in the #junebugchallenge. Along with the video which was shared on Casanova’s new Instagram page (his original IG account was deleted at 1.8 million followers), photos of the rapper also surfaced on Instagram.

As we all know, the #junebugchallenge finds TikTok users dancing at the most random places possible. Unfortunately for Casanova, jail is not one of those places you should be participating in. According to reports Casanova was hit with internal departmental charges. Recording videos and taking pictures during a video visitation is prohibited by the Westchester County Department of Correction.

To make matters worst for the moment, the Brooklyn rapper is not allowed any more video visitations. But it doesn’t end there. As seen in the photo above Casanova is seen not wearing a mask which is another violation.

The rapper surrendered himself to authorities on December 2nd (View: Casanova Update: Surrenders To Authorities, Releases Warning Video) and is facing serious charges such as racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and firearm possession.


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