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Casanova Talks So Brooklyn Challenge, Who Had The Best Verse

Will someone be selected as the winner?

Appearing on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning, Casanova details how the ‘So Brooklyn’ challenge came about.

Casanova explains how Fab vs. Maino is what started the ‘So Brooklyn’ challenge, but it quickly became bigger than that. “At first I put Maino in the video. Maino was like ‘yo this is hard, but you know I could kill Fab, right?’. So, you know me I’m an instigator. I’m like Maino you not gonna do that bro. Come on let’s be serious. He’s like ‘What!? Send me the instrumental’. I’m like I’m not sending you the instrumental, and you’re not killing Fab.”

A week later and Casanova still had Maino waiting on the instrumental. “Then he kept calling me for like a week straight. I was like let me just send him the instrumental before we have beef. Cause he calling me like, ‘Yo, come on bro you said you was gonna send it like you a man of your word or what’.

Casanova Talks So Brooklyn Challenge, Who Had The Best Verse

After sending the instrumental, Casanova wasn’t even the first to hear Maino’s verse. “He didn’t even send it to me first, he posted it on the gram.”

Staying true to his self-titled instigator, Casanova reached out to Fab. “So, I called Fab, like you Fab, I think he tryna come at you bro.” “Fab was like what, let me check it out. Nah, he ain’t f***ing with me’. So I tell Maino, Fab said you ain’t even on his level.”

Quickly there after Casanova knew something big was in the making. Especially after Papoose jumped on the beat and hit us with his version. “So then Papoose did it. You know everybody tryna get their bragging rights. I was like you know what, it’s “So Brooklyn”, but I see it bigger than So Brooklyn, so, I get on the gram I’m like I don’t care where you’re from. If you so, whatever you is, you repping your hood, I wanna hear it.”

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So Brooklyn challenge went viral, but to Casanova, it was bigger than himself. The challenge would give exposure to those who really killed the beat, as Casanova would end up re-posting and tagging the hottest verse.

That alone was the best part of the challenge. Helping someone get that exposure. “I think I did good cause people usually just post the person and don’t tag them. I actually posted you and tagged you. So you getting followers. You might get a label meeting. Some people got a label meeting. Some people got a radio interviews. So, I felt dope helping people.”

So the question remains, is there a winner? Who’s verse is the best? Casanova says things have gotten real tense since the challenge went viral. “They tried to take me about over this ‘So Brooklyn’ challenge. I lost real friends.”

Despite the name ‘So Brooklyn’, Philly has come through with the most heat for the challenge. “I’m partnering with a group, so I don’t have to be the judge for the winner, cause it’s really beef,” explains Casanova.

Who had the best verse?

Although Casanova feels Papoose maybe had the best verse on the ‘So Brooklyn’ challenge, he also feels it isn’t fair. “Pap went crazy, but it’s like a cheat code. If you could rap whole dictionary, something is wrong with you. You not even suppose to get rapper credit. You’re like a scientist. He different. I don’t think no matter wanna rap against Papoose.


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