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Casanova Says He’s Still “Super Fly”, Shares Hilarious Throwback Video

Brooklyn rapper Casanova reflected on his one year anniversary album debut with a hilarious video of himself in Times Square.

A year ago, Casanova spoke to Billboard where he reflected on his understanding of the music industry what music listeners crave. ” I kind of learned what my fans wanted and how I was going to feed them because some fans want gangsta music, some want that R&B, and now how I’m tuning in with the girls,” said Casanova.

Casanova Says He's Still "Super Fly", Shares Hilarious Throwback Video

“I would really study what songs they liked so instead of just putting out one song I put out four so they can get a variety of music instead of me just putting this out and they feel like I should have put out something harder,” added the Brooklyn rapper in his interview with Billboard back in October of 2019.

Well one year later and Casanova hasn’t changed much. The rapper went on his Instagram account sharing a video from last year where he is seen in New York’s Times Square ecstatic for his debut album release.

“You don’t see my s— up there! You see that! You wait the f— right here,” Casanova is heard shouting in the video pointing at an enormous billboard of himself as he stops traffic.

With that video was the caption that even had legendary Hip Hop artist E-40 laughing in tears. “A YEAR AGO I DROPPED MY FIRST ALBUM “BEHIND THESE SCARS” I THOUGHT MY LIFE WAS GONNA CHANGE BUT IM STILL A SUPER FLY BUM A– N—- 😩😂🤣 WHATS WAS YOUR FAVORITE SONG ⁉️,” Casanova captioned the video.


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