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Carla G Releases Visuals For Her New Single “Yo N****”

Carla G, rapper and entrepreneur born and raised in the Windy City of Chicago, has released her visuals for her new single ‘Yo N****’.

The Chicagoan has been making music all of her life and just 5 years ago, a remix to Biggie’s “Get Money” catapulted a raving new female rapper with a catchy sound and risky bars. With Carla G.’s sound being influenced by New York legend Fabolous, respectfully the underground lyric king and the infamous production skills possessed by Kanye, the young MC has been unapologetically marking her stamp in the industry.

Coming from a family full of musical talent, Carla G says it’s now or never since leaving school to pursue her God given talent in music. While many are well versed in the propaganda that the newest women of rap has started, the game changer known as Carla G has emerged with a new sound. 


Carla G. has competed in 2 Def Jam events in which she won. With just a beat and a booth, Carla G. curates the sound that only the baddest walking could create. In her own lane, motivated by her relatable lyrics, and ode’ to freak.

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From entrepreneurship to this Def Jam Rap competition 2x winner, her forthcoming single “Yo N****” is really going to show the world how she moves “Like a Boss”. Listen to the single here.

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