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Cardi B Reveals What She Has Planned For New Album

Cardi B is currently working hard on her sophomore album. Although not much has been reviled as of yet, one thing is for certain, Cardi B is not interested in following trends.

Speaking to Billboard, Cardi B says despite her recent acting roles, her main focus is her second studio album. “I’m just really focused on my album right now. Can’t really say other things, cause my album is on my mind 24/7. Practically all that I am focusing on.”

Many artists are faced with challenges when working on their second studio album. Especially if their debut album was a huge success. The follow up album, just in any movie squeal, almost never lives up to the first.

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Earlier this year, Cardi B celebrated a Grammy award win for Best Rap Album of the year. Winning the award for her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’, which was released in 2018.

The 3x platinum album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ went on to featured her hit single ‘Bodak Yellow’. The single would land one the number one spot in the U.S Billboard Hot 100 chart. Becoming the first artist to do so, since Lauryn Hill in 1998.

What to expect from Cardi B’s new album

With that being said, there’s also another challenge an artist can face. The challenge of being original and not following what’s hot at the moment. Something that Cardi has no plans of doing. “This is the challenge of it, cause there is a certain type of music I want to do, but I feel is people interested in that? Because, I feel like things have changed. I feel like there’s more of a twerk sound going on right now. So, it’s just like, should I do my music around that, but it’s like I can not just go with what’s hot.”

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Staying true to herself, is one the main reasons many have connected with Cardi B, and shot her career to heights that not many expected. That authenticity of hers has been on display since day one, even way before she became the hottest artist in the world. “I remember when I did my album I wasn’t going with what’s hot. I was going with what I want people to hear, and what I like,” says Cardi. “I’m just having fun in the studio, cause if you think like oh my gosh ‘Ahh my first album was like this. I gotta have the same recipe. It’s just not going to work.”


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