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Cardi B Answers 73 Questions In Her Grandmother’s Bronx Apartment

What question Cardi hates that people ask all the time?

Cardi B who is focusing on her new album, took time to answer 73 questions by Vogue, in her grandmother’s apartment in the Bronx!

Speaking to Billboard recently, Cardi B says despite her recent acting roles, her main focus is her second studio album. “I’m just really focused on my album right now. Can’t really say other things, cause my album is on my mind 24/7. Practically all that I am focusing on.”

When asked about her new album as part of the 73 questions, Cardi simply answered with, “It’s spicy. Controversial.”

Vogue who 73 question interviews are held at a personal location to the individual who is being interviewed. In this, Cardi B’s grandmother’s Bronx apartment is the location, with her daughter Culture making a cameo.

Cardi B Answers 73 Questions In Her Grandmother's Bronx Apartment

For Cardi, being in the Bronx and her grandmother’s home, is an escape from fame. Having her family around is key and her favorite part of being in her grandmother’s home. “It’s always distracting me from the chaos of the world and work,” says Cardi.

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Raised in the Bronx, Cardi understands the impact growing up in New York and the Bronx in particular, can have on someone. “If you could survive in the Bronx, you can survive anywhere.”

Out of all the 73 questions that were asked, one question that didn’t make the list, is about Cardi’s butt. “I hate when people ask me questions about my butt. People are obsessed with knowing the enhanced butt process.”



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