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Cape Town Goes Crazy For The Outlawz

“Outlawz for life! Cape Town loves ya’ll!”

The Outlawz Motherland tour is in full swing, with South Africa buzzing with the fact that the hip-hop legends are touring their Country. We have reached out to the people that have attended this remarkable tour to get them to share what it means to them for The Outlawz to be performing in the Motherland.

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On Tuesday evening The Outlawz performed in Cape Town at the CTICC Auditorium. We get fans reaction’s to watching them perform as they share photos and videos of the show.

Riyana Kherekar from Cape Town

“It was so amazing to be in their presence and seeing them live. Being a major Tupac fan this was a big dream come true for me. I’m extremely over the moon! Got a meet and greet too, what a moment I will forever cherish. I’m so thankful I got this experience. They are amazing people too, they just took you in. I’m the happiest girl in the world after the concert!”

Riyana with Young Noble & Edi Don

Kelly Affinand from Malibu, Eerste River

“What a great experience I had at the Outlawz concert! was awesome and a bit emotional when they were rapping the Tupac songs. My friend has won VIP tickets and met up with Fos, Young Noble, Edi Don. They are such down to earth, beautiful souls. We are in contact now though. Hopefully they’ll be here soon again. Best concert in the motherland so far!”

outlawz cape town
Kelly meeting The Outlawz

Cape Town rapper ‘OG92’

“I had to show some love to the OG’s. Experiencing the Outlawz show last night was crazy!!!. Not just the energy and the hype but the fact that these brothers did so much for hip-hop and the culture. I just want them to know we appreciate them. Outlawz for life! Cape Town loves ya’ll”

cape town outlawz
Cape Town rapper ‘OG92’ meeting The Outlawz

South African Photographer Index Finger 88

edi south africa

The event all in all was great. You see the music of The Outlawz lives in the ghettos of Cape Town. I really enjoyed it. This was my first time shooting rappers from a different Country. I’m head of photography for the biggest rapper in Cape Town, Young Van Riebeek & for me this was an honor. The vibe evoked emotions that I felt as a teen bumping Tupac and The Outlawz in my room. The favorite part of the show for me was the whole show and of course when I got the chance to meet the same people that once chilled with Tupac! I’m glad I captured these moments on my camera.

outlawz cape town tour
Edi Don On Stage In Cape Town. Photo by Index Finger 88


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