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California Love Solo Dr. Dre Version Leaked

“Droppin’ them bomb-ass raps that hit ya like pimp-slaps”

Twenty-three years ago on December 3rd 1995, California Love was released. The single which featured Dr. Dre and Tupac was featured on Tupac’s All Eyez On Me Double Album. The remix version of the song was released on the double album, while the original version was released in 1998 on Tupac’s Greatest Hits album.

As it is well documented California Love was initially not intended for Tupac. As Tupac would explain during an interview, he would ask Dre for the song. 23 years later California Love solo version intended for Dr. Dre’s album has leaked. The leaked version of California Love solo has an unheard Dr. Dre verse which starts off with Dre rapping, “I’m back under ya cap with Zapp / Droppin’ them bomb-ass raps that hit ya like pimp-slaps / So everybody on the dance-floor, the wallflowers got to go, grab yourself a skirt and flow / ‘Cause it’s a grownup party and I’m glad that ya made it / ‘California Love,’ ladies gettin’ faded.”



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