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Reggie Talks Tupac Music Leaked, Tupac & Nas Beef, C-Murder Stole Tupac’s Song

Reggie Wright Jr. interview with Cam Capone News part 5 touches on the Tupac Nas incident, Tupac’s bullet proof vest, music leaked and C-Murder copying Tupac.

Reggie discuses Tupac’s bullet proof vest and if something different could have been done in Vegas. One of the things always spoken about that night in Vegas is Tupac not wearing a bullet proof vest. A vest that according to Reggie, Tupac didn’t wear hardly ever to begin with. With all the photos and videos of Tupac, Reggie challenges anyone to find Tupac wearing a bullet proof vest.

Hit Em Up’s impact and on security and the label period is discussed also. Reggie goes on to detail the Nas Tupac incident in New York after the MTV Music Awards. An incident that happened days prior to the shooting in Vegas. Reggie backs up reports of Tupac’s intentions to take a Nas diss off of the Makaveli album.

After Nas and Tupac spoke that night and squash the beef, Tupac would tell Suge about taking the Nas diss off the record. “Pac turn around to Suge and said Hey you know when we get back to L.A. I’m taking that verse from Against All Odds that I said about Nas.” Reggie goes on to say that Tupac and Nas spoke about working together.

Reggie was also asked about Tupac’s music leaked. The unreleased music in which Reggie believes, 80-90 percent was leaked. Reggie also gives his thoughts on who leaked the music. “Somebody that worked inside the Pacific Achieves. Which was the place that held all the masters,” says Reggie.

Closing out the interview is the claim of C-Murder stealing Tupac’s song. Not only stealing the song, but copying it word for word. To add insult to injury, No Limit Records would go on to sell the C-Murder song. When asked which song, Reggie unfortunately can’t recall, stating at the time no one in L.A. was listening to No Limit’s music.


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