C. Major Talks “It’s Real”, New And Old Hip Hop, Working With E.D.I. Mean

Hip Hop artist and Detroit native C. Major has dropped the lead single for his upcoming project titled ‘Me, Myself, and Major’. Growing up in the Sojourner Truth Projects on the east side of Detroit, music has always been apart of C. Major’s life. From recording music since the mid-nineties to his early days as the son of Cletues Hamilton who managed the legendary R&B group the Floaters.

While C. Major is a father to nine and owner of C M Electronical And Home Improvement, he now turns to his love for music as he prepares for his latest project with the lead single featuring legendary Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean.

We caught up with C. Major as he touches on his influences in Hip Hop, the new generation of rappers versus 90s artists, working with E.D.I. Mean, and much more.

C. Major (Photo by @wheat_visuals6378)
C. Major (Photo by @wheat_visuals6378)

Tell us about the new single It’s Real and how it was like working with EDI?

I hit EDI up because he’s always been one of my favorite artist and he was ready as always and treated me like family so the song came out natural. I sent him my verse and the hook and he laced it.

The song was conceived because of the love I have for my better half, my kids, my hustle and myself.

What can we expect from the upcoming project?

My new album is titled Me, Myself, And Major. Its produced by Trey Styles of the MacP Music Group. He’s the most talented producer I’ve ever witnessed… He’s legally blind! I titled this project the way I did because it was all about me not about features. E.D.I. Mean, Neo, and my brother Hannibal (Free Bone) were my only features.

What was it like growing up in Detroit as far as Hip Hop? Did you lean towards more of the east coast sound or was it diverse?

As far as my neighborhood, we leaned more towards west coast and ni–as talking real sh-t overall. But me and my dawgs was riding off PAC and the Outlawz!

Aside from Tupac and the Outlawz which other artists inspired you?

Ice Cube, E-40, Scarface, and Nas. Their music was my personal playlist, even until this day. They all made timeless music.

How about some of the new artists. Who has your attention?

I listen to Lil Durk, Lil Baby, EST Gee, Roddy Rich, and 42 Dugg from my way his father is a long time friend of mine.

Do you feel the new generation is judged unfairly from the older generation as far as those who cane up listening to Hip Hop in the 90s?

I think everyone has a lane so some of the judgment is a little unfair because a lot of the new generation are breathing new life into the culture with some heat but there is a lot of bullsh-t drug addict music going on as well.

Is it the responsibility of a Hip Hop artist to put out music that speaks on issues faced in the world?

Definitely. Especially with the issues we are facing right now. As artists we have the power to change lives.

You mentioned your kids. How do you prepare them for these times in 2020?

2020 has definitely been challenging with all that’s been happening. I just explain to them to be cautious and do what’s right at all times. But my main thing is to lead by example. I was always taught the apple doesn’t fall from the tree so I move accordingly in hopes that they get it.

Can we expect some of that leadership, positive vibes and substance in your new album Me, Myself, and Major?

Yes you will hear all that and some. I’m giving you all of me.

What goes through your mind as we are on the 24-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s passing?

I still listen to that man’s music like he made it yesterday! That’s the impact he made in short amount of time and that’s incredible. May he rest in power! He’s definitely the g.o.a.t. in my book.

Speaking of Greatest of all Time. What is your top 5 of all time?

  • 1. Tupac
  • 2. Ice Cube
  • 3. Scarface
  • 4. Nas
  • 5. Snoop Dogg

Any last words and what can we expect next for C. Major?

I have a lot more music coming and I’m also working with Wheat Visuals on a couple of scripts for a comedy movie and a drama film. And I also have new videos soon to be released as well.


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