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Busta Rhymes Is Ready To Rep For NY, Calls Out T.I.

After failing to lure 50 Cent into a epic Verzuz battle, T.I. might have another New York rapper ready to take on all the smoke. Appearing on the Fat Joe show, Busta Rhymes challenged T.I. to a Verzuz.

Busta Rhymes and T.I. have a close relationship and have always had each others back. Understanding and knowing T.I. very well, Busta can only go about challenging the self proclaimed King of the South. “I have to say it this way, because T.I. don’t play no games,” Busta explained.

“It is intriguing to me that you can have such a concern with New York MC’s. I want to understand what that is about,” Busta Rhymes said on the Fat Joe show. “Let me tell you something, we gon do it with grace, but T.I. ima bust your a–.”

Busta Rhymes without mentioning 50 Cent, can not believe how anyone could back down to a Verzuz battle, or any battle in Hip Hop. For Busta if you believe you are the best then as an artist should go on to prove it. “I believed it so much when I didn’t even know how to do it. That belief came into fruition for me. For a lot of us, because we believed.” Busta said.

It is that belief has led Busta to his new album “Extinction Level Event 2”, which will drop on October 30. It has been 1 years since he released an official album, but the Brooklyn born rapper still tills this day believes.

T.I. has recently released his 11th studio album ‘The L.I.B.R.A.‘ The King of the South has yet to respond back to Busta Rhymes, but appearing on Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show, co-founder of Verzuz Swizz Beatz confirmed that he received a phone call from Busta Rhymes stating he is ready for any artist to set up for a Verzez battle.

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