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Busta Rhymes Explains Beef Between Tupac And Q-Tip

No matter who it is, it appears that everyone had a story to share when it comes to Tupac Shakur, and Busta Rhymes is no different. During his interview with The Fat Joe Show, Busta Rhymes explains how he intervened between the beef between Tupac and Q-Tip.

The beef all started when Tupac  took the stage literally, from Tribe Called Quest at 1994 The Source Awards.

Busta Rhymes Explains Beef Between Tupac And Q-Tip

“Pac and Q-Tip had a very serious and intense beef,” Busta tells Fat Joe who apparently never knew the two artist ever had an issue with one another. “Tupac during this time frame had to go to New York, because he was preforming at this particular Source Awards. This is when we was all performing off of DAT tapes. So you know once the engineer press on our DAT tape its not like you can stop that s—. You got to go.”

“Tribe was doing their acceptance speech for best song of the year,” Busta continued. “Tupac was suppose to be the next performer after their acceptance speech was completed.”

Well this is where things went bad. The stage production manager press play on the DAT which had Shakur’s unreleased song ‘Out On Bail’, and out came Tupac on stage as Tribe Called Quest looked on in disbelief.

“Pac comes out there performing all over their speech,” Busta Rhymes said. “It wasn’t Pac’s fault but it looked like a flagrant Pac thing.” Tupac already has a reputation of being wild, so most in attendance thought it was intentional, including Q-Tip.

“Pac comes off the stage. Tribe they’re with Zulu Nation and s– gets crazy.” Although no physical altercation happened, Tupac and Q-Tip wen their separate ways and never squashed the beef.

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That was until Tupac reached out to Busta Rhymes who he knew was good friends with Q-Tip. Pac went on to explain to Busta Rhymes that it wasn’t his fault for how it went down at the Source Awards and urged him to reach out to Q-Tip. Luckily this is exactly what happened and thanks to Busta the beef was squashed. Pac and Q-Tip were able to make peace over a phone conversation.


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