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Bun B Says “F Tory Lanez”, Stands Up For Megan Thee Stallion

Hip Hop artist Bun B isn’t biting his tongue when it comes to how he feels about Tory Lanez. The Houston native also doesn’t care if his strong video message goes viral as he defends Megan Thee Stallion.

On Sunday night, Bun B via IG Live, let the world know exactly how he felt about Tory Lanez. “F–k Tory Lanez. I don’t care if this goes viral,” Bun B said in the video uploaded on his IG account. “I’m from Houston and if somebody would have done something to Megan in this city we would have roll. Megan in L.A. by herself.”

On Thursday (August 20) Megan Thee Stallion could no longer keep her lips sealed as she clearly stated Lanes shot her back on July 17th. (Also view: Update On Tory Lanez Arrest After Partying With Megan And Kylie Jenner) After Tory Lanez team allegedly were trying to put the blame on Megan, she had no choice to defend herself. “Yes … Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying,” Megan said in the intense IG Live video.

Bun B Says "F Tory Lanez", Stand Up For Megan Thee Stallion

According to Bun B, as an OG he is standing up for Megan Thee Stallion. “She ain’t got her mama no more. Her mama is gone. Her daddy is gone. Her grandmother is gone. All the people that loved her and cared about her unconditionally, that looked out for her and would have protected her ain’t there. So as an OG in Houston I;m standing up. Tory Lanez did some hoe ass sh-t,” Bun B said in the video posted Sunday night.

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So what exactly is next for Tory Lanez. Well, Bun B said at the least they need to deport Lanez back to Canada. As of last week TMZ has reported that Los Angeles County’s District Attorney Office is reviewing potential assault charges against Lanez, more specifically felony assault with a firearm.


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