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Brooklyn Bus Driver Refusing To Assist NYPD In Arrest Of Protesters

You can add Brooklyn to the list as the Nation continues to show their outrage over the inexcusable death of George Floyd, and to protest against police brutality.

Friday, May 29th, saw protesters gather in front of the Barclay’s Center, to demonstrations near the Front Greene Park, and later that evening towards the 88th Precinct located at Clinton Hill.

From chanting “F— the police”, setting a police van on fire, to physical altercations with the NYPD that included throwing rocks, bottles, and eggs at police officers.

Brooklyn Bus Driver Refusing To Assist NYPD In Arrest Of Protesters
Stephen Yang, NY Post

Hundreds of protesters were arrested, and were transported to a local bus, the B41. This is when the crowd at hand erupted in cheers, after they witnessed a Brooklyn bus driver refuse to comply with the NYPD, as he did not drive bus.

The video was shared by Twitter user Brian Gresko @briangresko, as he captioned the video with, “Cops have taken over a B41 and turned it into a paddy wagon. Cheers as the bus driver walks off the bus, refusing to drive it #BarclaysCenter #BlackLivesMatter.”

Later that evening the Transport Workers Union supported the driver with a Tweet that read, “TWU Local 100 Bus Operators do not work for the NYPD. We transport the working families of NYC , all TWU Operators should refuse to transport arrested protesters.”


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