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Blueface Interview Talks Drake, Unique Rapping Style, Growing Up

“I just like to have sex and smoke weed”

Blueface interview with Real 92.3 LA and was asked about those who may have influenced him in music, “That’s the thing its so unique it really don’t got any influences.” Blueface continued by saying, “First time stepping into the booth I said all of that. that’s what made me start rapping just hearing myself.”

Also on the menu was a possible Drake collaboration. When asked if such a collaboration would come soon Blueface had this to say, “Its coming. You know its coming. You thought it wasn’t. I had sent him something and he sent me a beat.”

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Blue face also talks about his unique style, growing up, playing Football, tattoos, other hip hop collaborations in the works and his viral dick photo.


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