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Blueface Interview Talks How He Started Rapping, Drake, Cash Money West

Blueface interviewed with Big Boy Tv and spoke about what he did before hip hop, “Man, I wasn’t doing nothing. I was just trying to figure it out really.” When asked if he was writing poetry before rapping, Blueface explained further, “Nothing at all. I don’t even like music.”

Blueface feels his start in rap was an accident. With a homie of his, he went into the studio for the first time ever and heard his own voice. Immediately after, Blueface decided that rapping was for him. “One of my boys was there. He had told me to come through so I was like aight f**k I had never been to a studio before, cool. It was regular. Everybody smoking, listening to the beat. I’m like alright, you know, F**k, you know, I’m here. I might as well here myself.”

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Also Blueface interview with Big Boy Tv touches on relationship with Wack, connecting with Drake, signing with Cash Money West and recording new music. Watch the full Blueface interview below.


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