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Bizzy Bone Talks Recording With Tupac, Biggie On Mike Tyson’s Podcast

Hip-hop legend Bizzy Bone recently appeared on Mike Tyson’s podcast and spoke on how Tupac was a revolutionary and how he influenced his career.

Bizzy Bone, the youngest member of Cleveland’s Hip Hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. The only group in history to have collaborated with Eazy-E, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G while they were alive.

Bizzy would appeared on the very same podcast that Wack 100 apparently had a fight with host, Mike Tyson. Although footage of the incident surfaced, many felt the “fight” was fabricated for clout.

As Bizzy Bone talks about his career, he speaks on how Tupac revolutionized the minds of people, including his. Acknowledging that Tupac died at twenty-five years of age, Bizzy Bone recognized the continuation of ‘Pac’s legacy. “He was a revolutionary. Still, to this day, everything that happens is meant to be even though it hurts, that’s what he really is. He’s revolutionized the minds of people,” explained Bizzy Bone.

Bizzy Bone
Bone Thugs with Tupac

Tupac Impacted Bizzy Bone As A Man

The Cleveland native doesn’t stop there, as he speaks on Tupac impacting him as a person and artist. They worked on a song together titled ‘Thug Luv’, which was included on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Greatest Hits album.

Tupac’s attitude and work ethic left a lasting impression on Bizzy Bone. Speaking on his influence, Bizzg says, “He impacted me. When he came into the studio and how he did it. Ever since then it’s three songs a day for me, every time I go to the studio I make the most of it. He impacted me as an artist, a person and as a man.”

Tupac with Biggie Photograph by T. Eric Monroe

Bizzy Bone so touched on the recording session for ‘Notorious Thugs’ with The Notorious B.I.G. When asked about working with Biggie, Bizzy Bone said that everybody in New York embraced him.

Things almost became heated during the ‘Notorious Thugs’ session, when one of Bizzy’s associates walked in wearing a Tupac shirt which prompted a stand-off with Lil Cease! Bizzy Bone did not want to escalate things, and quickly diffused the situation by asking him to leave the session.

Despite the negative history between Tupac and Biggie, Bizzy claims that Biggie loved Tupac and wished him no harm.


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