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Bizzy Bone Explains What It Was Like To Work With Tupac & Biggie

Not many artists in Hip Hop can say that they worked with both Tupac Shakur and the Nortorious B.I.G. But, for Bizzy Bone he is one of the few that can actually say he did.

Appearing on the Breakfast Club, Bizzy Bone spoke about what it was like to work with both Tupac and Biggie.

Speaking on working with Biggie for the song ‘Notorious Thug’, Bizzy said, “It was dope. When we first heard him, is when the track had just started. But, like the studio session I been working on my rap, this particular verse for a long time. And, I just went in there and dropped it on one take.”

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bizzy bone and biggie in the studio

Aside from reflecting on working with Biggie, Bizzy also speaks on working with Tupac and what he learned from him. “He taught me work ethic. What he taught me, I brought into the Biggie song, like get in there and get out.”

bizzy bone and tupac

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With all that Tupac was facing in his fast troubled life, Bizzy felt ‘Pac had to be careful. He would express those concerns to Tupac. “I felt something bad, so I said ay yo, if you ever need somewhere to hide, I got you,” explains Bizzy. “I just felt like something was gone happen to him.”

“Great dudes man. The Mount Rushmore’s. I call them the Mount Rushmore’s of Hip Hop,” says Bizzy Bone.


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