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Biggie Smalls Son C.J. Wallace To Drop “Ready To Dance”

Releasing the single “Big Poppa (House Mix), Biggie Smalls son C.J. Wallace is prepared to drop an album titled Ready To Dance.

Losing his father when he was only five months old, C.J. will now pay tribute to Biggie’s Ready To Die debut album with remakes filled with uptempo dance beats. Biggie’s debut on Bad Boy records peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. Juicy, One More Chance, and Big Poppa all came from this Hip Hop classic.

Biggie Smalls Son C.J. Wallace

Biggie Smalls son C.J. Wallace serves as a co-produced on the upcoming project, along with Jonathan Hay, Sarah Rush, and Willie Mack. “This process has been an enlightening wake-up call and an adulting experience for me. We always force ourselves to think bigger and more creatively about my dad,” C.J. Wallace said in a statement.

At the age of 12, C.J. Wallace made his acting debut. His first role was portraying his father in Biggie Smalls 2009 biopic Notorious. Since then he has appeared in the 2010 comedy film Everything Must Go and 2016 adventure film Kicks.

The first single “Big Poppa (House Mix)” was released this past Tuesday (August 11th) and can be heard below.


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