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Biggie Smalls Estate Is Being Sued Continuing The On Going Battle

Photographer Chi Modu who is responsible for capturing the most iconic photos in Hip Hop history, is suing the estate of Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious B.I.G.

The on going battle between the estate and Chi Modu started back in 2018. Speaking to the New York Post, Chi Modu claims all he wanted was a fair pay for his work. “I basically asked for a living wage for my work,” Modu told The Post.

Responsible for Biggie Smalls iconic photos where the rapper is seen posing with the Twin Towers in the background, Modu was asking for the estate to pay more in order to use the 1996 photo.

Biggie Smalls Estate Is Being Sued Continuing The On Going Battle

Modu had no issue in licensing photos he had captured of the Brooklyn icon, as long as he was paid $100,000 a year. According to Chi Modu he was getting paid far less up until the recent settlement.

Since then Chi Modu claims the estate has called him a “parasite” and continue to find ways to ruin his business. In their latest attempt, the estate sued the photographer for using photos of Biggie to sell snowboards without their permission.

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Modu claims he has the right to exploit the images as he is the copyright holder. According to Modu less than a dozen of those snowboards have been sold either way.


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