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Biggie And Puffy Were Not Happy With Angie Martinez Tupac Interview

Appearing on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live Show, Angie Martinez was asked about her infamous Tupac interview from 1996.

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During the tensed times that stemmed from the beef between Tupac and Biggie Smalls, Hot 97’s radio personality Angie Martinez flew to California and interviewed Tupac in his home.

The interview itself has yet to be released fully. Just recently in March of 2020, a new snippet of the interview leaked (Listen here). Angie Martinez does in fact still have the full interview in a safe place. The two hour interview is in an actual vault. During an interview with Page Six, Angie gave Jay-Z credit for encouraging her to keep the interview in a safe place.

Angie Martinez and Tupac in 1996
Angie Martinez interviews Tupac at his home in 1996

Fat Joe would go on to ask Angie about the interview with Tupac, and wondered how Biggie and Puffy felt about the interview at the time. Angie admitted that they were not happy with her interviewing Tupac Shakur.

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“No, they didn’t love it,” Angie said. “I’m so happy that we got to a better place after, cause BIG didn’t love it. He never told me, but somebody else told me. We didn’t speak about it, but we kinda smoothed it out. It was my birthday and he came to my show, and he wound up freestyling and it was all good. It was fine.”

“I did my best to protect everybody in that space. Everybody knows the story that I didn’t air the whole thing, cause I was really worried about making it worst. I just tried to do the best in that situation, and I think ultimately that’s all you could ever do.”

That was twenty-four years ago, but Angie has made it clear she intends on releasing the full interview soon. Speaking to AM To DM, Angie explained how she is constantly bombarded with questions about the interview.

“I can post something about like my son, or my god daughter and they be like ‘that’s nice, but what about the ‘Pac tapes’,” explains Angie Martinez.

From social media to her time shopping, there is no escaping the Tupac interview tapes. “I was in Ikea and somebody ran up to me and ask me about the tapes.”

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“I do understand it is part of history. It’s going to be uncomfortable for me, because there are things in those tapes that are very uncomfortable to listen to. But I am aware that it is apart of history, so at some point I will,” says Angie. (Also read: When Will Angie Martinez Release The 1996 Tupac Interview?)


  1. History should be set straight as a reporter your supposed to let the whole interview be released regardless of feelings! He was more than an artist unlike biggie.
    It’s been some 20+ years I’m sure we can handle the interview lol so speak for your self only “Samar Miller”
    You so wish Angie would reply to you and that’s why you sent this love affair message lolol 💀😂 groupie LuV

  2. Angie I think you did a awesome job keeping those tapes safe. Dont be pressured. Sometimes some history should just be history. Love you girl. You are a icon🙏🙏💝💝. Keep up the good work👍. L.A. living. Luv for Big and Tupac. Let them rest in peace. Big has kidds. No need to open a can of worms. Stay safe😷

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