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Big Wy Walks In Studio While Tupac Recorded Hail Mary

"When 'Pac Came Home... Every Thing Just Changed"

In an interview with UrbanCityTV Big Wy talks how he first met Suge Knight at the Murder Was The Case filming. He also goes on to detail the time he walked in on Tupac in the studio while he recorded Hail Mary.

After dropping a big club hit titled ‘East Side West Side‘ as a member of the Young Soldierz rap group, Suge took notice. Immediately Suge asked if they were ready to join Suge knight. Young Soldierz did not hesitate and neither did Suge handing Young Soldierz a great deal of money straight from his car.

Big Wy also recalls the infamous Source Awards incident where Suge Knight took a shot at Puffy,”If you don’t want your executive producer dancing, all in the video, then come to Death Row.”

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Big Wy recalls the first time he met Tupac. Tupac invited him to the studio. As Big Wy explained what he encountered while entering the studio, “It’s candle and ishh burning. The lights is off and (brothers) is drinking Heineken. ‘Pac in the booth in the back (messing) around but they playing a record.” What Big Wy would hear next surprised him, “Let us pray my (brothers) cause win have sin. I’m like what the (hell) is this. They playing the record and this (brother) is like come with me. I’m like god damn!”

Hear the full interview for more on Big Wy talking about Suge Knight and Tupac. Press play to start when Big Wy talks about Tupac.


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