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Big Sean Reveals Which Song Was Added On Detroit 2

After dropping his latest project, Big Sean appeared on the Angie Martinez show where he revealed which song almost didn’t make Detroit 2.

“For some reason this was the hardest one to do,” Sean explains. “I had to feel it in my heart. When this COVID thing happened I was gonna put it out earlier in the year. And, then when COVID happened something that just told me like, ‘Man feel this moment out a little bit more’.”

Good thing he did. Putting his album on pause allowed Big Sean to add to his fifth studio album, Detroit 2. One of those additions was Guard Your Heart featuring Anderson Paak, Wale and Earlly Mac.

Big Sean Reveals Which Song Was Added On Detroit 2

This particular song would have made the album no matter when it was dropped, is the song Deep Reverence featuring the late Nipsey Hussle. “Me and him always talked taking care of ourselves,” Sean said during his interview with Angie Martinez. “Nipsey was a thinker. He was somebody who I feel like was going up not only in his craft, you can tell he was just radiating more and more. Like spreading more knowledge and becoming more and more aware of things.”

Sean also spoke about Nipsey’s family giving their blessings for the posthumous release song. “His family has been supper supportive of the song. They all show me love and hit me up and reached out to me and told me I’m doing good,” Sean said.


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