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Big Daddy Kane Talks About Working With Tupac

Hip-hop pioneer Big Daddy Kane recently spoke about the time he recorded with Tupac Shakur.

Legendary emcee, Big Daddy Kane, spoke with YouTube channel TakeOver Files about how he came to collaborate with Tupac. The influential Juice Crew rapper recorded two songs with Tupac, ‘Wherever U Are’ and ‘Too Late Playa’. Both songs Johnny J produced and recorded at Can-Am Studios. On March 16, 1996, Tupac and Big Daddy Kane attended the Tyson vs Bruno fight at the MGM Grand.

Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane Flys Out To California

Mike Tyson, awarded the victory in round 2 via technical knockout, would consequently bring down the curtain on Bruno’s career. Throughout the boxing match, Tupac and Big Daddy Kane talked about working together. With the fight finishing prematurely, Suge Knight suggested jumping on the plane back to California to work. They went to CanAm Studios where they recorded the vocals for ‘Wherever U Are’ and ‘Too Late Playa’. The latter also had Danny Boy, Nutt-So and MC Hammer on the track.

In the interview with The TakeOver Files, Big Daddy Kane reveals that the hook was reserved for Snoop Dogg. However, he didn’t make it on the song. He said, “we was in Vegas hanging out at a Tyson fight and we just all flew back to L.A to cut some songs.” He added, “Snoop was supposed to jump on the hook but he left early that night so he never got a chance to. But even without his hook, it still came out real hot you know.”

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Elsewhere, Big Daddy Kane touches on the history of the iconic Juice Crew and talks about transitioning into acting. The New York rapper can take credit for being the first hip-hop artist to transition from music to acting. Speaking on this he said, “I’m used to going in the studio then you hear the outcome by the end of that day. With movies you all over the place doing different stuff. Then you see what it is a year later, it’s a different experience. But it’s fun and that’s what I like doing a lot now.”


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