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Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals Pre-Order Special Offers, Bonus Deals

Best Galaxy S10 Pre-order Deals

AT&T (BOGO Free, $100 Visa Card, Free Buds)

Free $100 Visa Reward Card
When you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10 online at you qualify for a $100 Visa Reward Card.

Buy One Get One Free
Buy One Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ and get a second one for free.

Step 1 Select the Samsung Galaxy S10 model you want and choose either a AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year.

Step 2 Pick a second eligible Samsung Galaxy phone and choose either a AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year. This will be the phone line that will be free by bill credits every month. All bill credits for the free phone should appear by the third bill.

Step 3 Select your plan of unlimited or shared data.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S10 via AT&T

Verizon (BOGO Free, Free Buds)

Buy One Get A Free galaxy S10e
Verizon is offering a free phone when you pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy S10. The catch is that the free phone can only be a Galaxy S10e. If you would like to select the Galaxy S10 or s10+ as the “free” phone you can do so. Instead of the phone being free you will receive $750 worth of bill credits over 24 months.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S10 via Verizon

Sprint (Free Galaxy S10e, Free Buds, $100 Prepaid Mastercard)

Buy One Get A Free galaxy S10e
Sprint is offering a similar deal as Verizon. Pre-order a new Samsung Galaxy S10 and receive a Samsung Galaxy S10e for free by adding a new line. The only difference is that Sprint isn’t offering a discount on the second free phone if it isn’t a Galaxy S10e.

Option 1 Select the Samsung Galaxy S10 model you want and choose the Sprint Flex 18-mo. lease. Included is Galaxy Forever which allows you to upgrade to a new Galaxy phone after 1 year.

Option 2 Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S10 and pay full price starting at $999.99. If you switch to Spring and keep your old phone number you will receive a free $100 Prepaid Mastercard. Your account must be in good standing for 60 days to receive the card.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S10 via Sprint

T-Mobile (Unlimited, Free Buds)

T-Mobile does not have a BOGO free pre-order offer, but are including the Samsung Galaxy S10e included in their Unlimited plan. Four lines on the account can have you only pay $10 a month for the Galaxy S10e. Autopay is required.

Free Samsung Galaxy Buds

All carriers are offering free Galaxy buds through Samsung.

Step 1 You must pre-order Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ between February 21 and March 7 to qualify for the free Galaxy buds. The buds are limited as there are only 132,000 available.

Step 2 Download the Shop Samsung app and log in or create an account. The fill out the Galaxy S10 promo registration form by April 4, 2019. The buds should be mailed out within 6-8 weeks.

Samsung states that if they buds are no longer available, they will choose to perhaps mail out eCertificate with an approximate value of the Galaxy buds.

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