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Best Diss Song Of All Time? Tupac, Outlawz & Ice Cube Are In The Lead

Which is your favorite diss song of all time?

XXL sent one tweet, and the world of Hip Hop is ready for it’s next debate. What’s the best diss song track of all time?

This summer we saw many take to social media to list their top 50 hip hop artists of all time. Fast forward to now and the hip hop community is witnessing a tight race between Tupac and the Outlawz’s ‘Hit Em Up‘ and Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’.

Some have made their case of saying Cube’s diss song was a solo track, where with Tupac he had the Outlawz. Other’s were quick to mention the likes of Jay-Z with his ‘Take Over’ diss song to Nas. Also, making the list was Nas diss song to Jay-Z titled ‘Ether’.

Ice Cube himself has given his thoughts on Tupac’s ‘Hit Em Up’, saying Tupac went too far. “I think he went to far. If I’m mad at you trust me I could think of five verses for just you I don’t have to go at your family, your kids, your whole life. It’s one on one mano a mano in a way,” said Cube speaking to Rob Markman for Genius.

Cube would also go on to list his own best diss songs of all time. “Some of my favorites is the original ‘Rock The Bells,’ ‘Let’s Go’ with LL and Kool Moe Dee. ‘Let’s Go’ is crazy, too. ‘Jack The Ripper,’ great record. Then you got disses like Nas and Jay, that’s just crazy. Tupac, Biggie going back at it. ‘Hit Em Up’ was crazy.”

Is ice cube's no Vaseline the best diss song of all time?
Ice Cube & Sinatra @ Welcome To The West Festival 2019

Eminem’s Best Diss Song List

Many have previously debated which song is the best diss track of all time. Last year Eminem via Shade45 gave his ’12 Days of Diss-mas’ which had Tupac on top of the list.

  1. “Hit ‘Em Up” Tupac, Outlawz
  2. “Diss Fe Liar” Yz
  3. “Real Motherfuckin’ G’s” Eazy-E
  4. “The Bitch In You” Common
  5. “Fuck Compton” Tim Dog
  6. “Dre Day” Dr. Dre
  7. “No Vaseline” Ice Cube
  8. “Fuck The Police” N.W.A
  9. “Jack The Ripper” LL Cool J
  10. “10 Percent Dis” MC Lyte
  11. “Roxanne’s Revenge” Roxanne Shante
  12. “The Bridge Is Over” Boogie Down Productions


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