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Becoming Who You Truly Are With Guest William Irwin | EP.4

On episode 4, Alen and Leon have Philosopher and Author, William Irwin. We discuss with Willaim Irwin his new book Little Siddhartha: A Sequel. Also we talk existential philosophy, the significance of empathy and subsequent forgiveness to well-being, parenting, god, religion, militant atheism, and who our real selves actually are and how to discover them.

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William Irwin is Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of Philosophy at King’s College, Pennsylvania. Irwin’s latest books are Little Siddhartha (2018) and God Is a Question, Not an Answer (2018). He is also the author of the novel Free Dakota (2016) and The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism (2015).

Irwin’s first book, Internationalist Interpretation: A Philosophical Explanation and Defense (1999), was nominated for the American Philosophical Association Young Scholar’s Book Prize. Irwin is best known for having originated the philosophy and popular culture genre of books with Seinfeld and Philosophy (1999), The Simpsons and Philosophy (2001), and The Matrix and Philosophy (2002).


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Seize the Moment Podcast teaches its listeners how to grow and live more active and fulfilling lives. We discuss topics from psychology, personal development, neuroscience, and philosophy.

Leon Garber is a philosophical writer, contemplating and elucidating the deep recesses of man’s soul. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist. Specializing in Existential Psychotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Therapy.

Leon also manages a blog, Leon’s Existential Cafe. The blog explores issues of death, self-esteem, love, freedom, life-meaning, and mental health/mental illness, from both empirical and personal viewpoints.

Alen Ulman is a content creator and life long auto-didact. Alen manages the page Ego Ends Now which is a growing community for expanding consciousness with vital information. Information about science, medicine, self actualization, philosophy, psychology and methods to overcome identification with compulsive thought.

The purpose of Ego Ends Now is to make sure to give everyone in it’s community every tool available to add levity in their own lives. Making it a very real possibility for them to create a life of their own design, and help impact the world and our global community positively.


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