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Becoming A Father Of Three: The Arrival Of Samson Frank Amaru

What two weeks it’s been for me! I welcomed my third son into this crazy world! On June 16, 2020, Samson Frank Amaru took his first breath. Let me take you through the last nine months of becoming a father for the final time.

Seven years ago, I went through a divorce with my first wife. Being together for over eight years and taking her son on from her previous relationship, I naturally wanted to have my own children. After trying most of our marriage, we were unsuccessful in conceiving. I always wanted children of my own but unfortunately, I accepted that this may not happen. Consequently, frustration leads to disappointment and sadness, bringing an end to my marriage.

Leading a single life for me at that point brought me back to my teens! Going out, carefree, spending time just me and my thoughts. Of course, females were around but they weren’t looking for the same things. After a few months of healing and rebuilding myself physically and mentally, I met a woman who rocked my world from the moment I met her!

Going on the first few dates and spending endless hours with her talking, I knew that I wanted to share my life with her. Shortly after she moved in, we found out that she was pregnant and would both be parents later that same year. My firstborn, Daniel, came almost a year to the day after me and his mother met. We both certainly went through a full spectrum of emotions in the first few months. Three years later, in 2018, we brought my second son, Drew, into the world. He’s a whirlwind but we love him nonetheless.

After a lot of talking, we both decided that two lovely children will complete our family. But life had other plans. In 2019, we found out that we were expecting again. Overjoyed with the news, I couldn’t wait to be a father of three boys. Throughout the up’s & the downs of the pregnancy, we’ve contended with the coronavirus pandemic. For the latter stage of the pregnancy, due to coronavirus, I wasn’t allowed to attend any scans or appointments. Furthermore, I was told not to attend the birthing room until almost time to push. Although I sort of understood, it left me feeling angry and pushed out. Witnessing large gatherings outside hospitals week, some breaking social distancing, for them to stop my involvement was hurtful. I’m not the only father to feel like this. We just want to have involvement and help our partners throughout pregnancy and birth.

Despite all the rules of social distancing, my wife pushed through it all & was a true soldier in labor, doing it all drug-free, just on gas & air. On June 16, I witnessed the birth of Samson Frank Amaru. He came into the world with a mighty scream, living up to his symbolic name.

Last year, we researched names and their meanings, choosing Amaru for one of his two middle names. In addition to the meaning, we chose Amaru for Samson because of the Hip Hop icon, Tupac Amaru Shakur. The sheer impact that his music, lyrics and life has had on me left me wanting to honor him. Furthermore, becoming involved in a movement that Tupac created, it seemed fitting to name my son after this great revolutionary. When he’s older, Samson will learn all about the origins of his name. From the struggles of the great revolutionaries like Afeni Shakur, Yaasmyn Fula and Mutulu Shakur. All the way through to Tupac’s deep, powerful lyrics that evoke thought and action, Samson will continue Tupac’s legacy and important family history for generations to come for sure!

Lastly, thank you to everybody who sent well wishes and congratulations to me and my family. A few I would like to publicly name. Firstly, my wife and soulmate, Elizabeth. From day one, we said three children would complete our family. I’m looking forward to raising them with you. Yaasmyn Fula, for your kind and warm words filled with genuine love, respect and love to you. Sekyiwa Shakur, the sister of Tupac and President of TASF. The work you and your family have and continue to do will play a part in future generations.

E.D.I. Mean, Young Noble and Mutah Beale, all three of you have inspired countless people across the world with your lyrics, with two of you continue to do so. Thank you to all three of you. Finally, to Vegas, for presenting me the platform, Heart Of An Outlaw, to share this precious journey. It really means a lot and I’m looking forward to the exciting times ahead with the site. Thank you to every one of you for welcoming my baby Outlaw, Samson Frank Amaru, to the world. Now to tweak ‘Pac’s opening lyrics from Cradle to the Grave; “June 16th, 2020, Mama gave birth to a hell-raisin’ heavenly son.” #O4L


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