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Battling Loneliness In The Age of Social Media | EP.28

On episode 28, we welcome back Liz Dorval to discuss the loneliness epidemic in our social media age. We focus on the influence of social media on narcissistic and selfish behavior. Why it’s important for us to listen to others’ opinions? Also focusing on how we can learn to use social media to create healthier and more intimate relationships.

Despite its wonderful benefits, social media, being a tool for positive and negative outcomes, has been used to maintain the disconnections we experience with each other.

Battling Loneliness in the Age of Social Media

Used, simply, as a tool for showboating, self-promoting, and judging, social media contributes to the sadness, anger, and anxiety we feel in a hyper-individualistic society.

Can we do better? And if so, how can we use social media to feel more seen, heard, and loved? The core question being: how can it become a tool for creating meaning?

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