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Barack’s Daughter Sasha Obama Rapping On TikTok To City Girls

Election day is upon us, where some are voting early, including the state of New York who for the very first time in history have started to vote early. Former President Barack Obama has been campaigning for his former Vice President Joe Biden, but it is another Obama who is making headlines on Sunday (October 25). Sasha Obama rapping on TikTok to City Girls has gone viral!

The popular app which President Donald Trump has been hoping to ban from the United States, has another video gone viral. Perhaps City Girls can expect to capitalize on the latest viral video, who should see an increase in streaming with their music.

Barack's Daughter Sasha Obama Rapping On TikTok To City Girls
City Girls

Sasha Obama not only shocked everyone, but also impressed viewers. The video was uploaded on Sasha’s friends TikTok account where they are seen rapping along to an explicit version of a City Girls track.

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