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Bad Azz Talks Recording With Tupac On The Makaveli Album

Hip Hop recording artist, Bad Azz was recently interviewed by The Art Of Dialogue where he explained how the song Krazy came about for Tupac’s Makaveli album.

Bad Azz recalls being on a three way call with Suge Knight and Tupac while riding with Snoop in a Hummer to the studio. Snoop would put Suge Knight on speaker phone. With Tupac on a three way call, this is when Bad Azz spoke to Tupac for the very first time. “94, 95 I met Tupac with Snoop. I had actually talked to him on the phone a week before I met him. So my first ever talking to him was on the telephone,” he said.

A week later Bad Azz would get a chance to meet Tupac face to face. All credit goes to Snoop according to Bad Azz. “A week later we met live in the flesh. We been friends ever since,” explains Bad Azz. “Snoop Dogg wasn’t there, but he the one that invited me to come down, cause he knew I had an admiration for Tupac. Told him he was one of my favorite’s at the time.”

Bad Azz would also get the opportunity to be around when the entire ‘All Eyez On Me‘ album was put together. At times in the same studio as Tupac, or right next door recording with Snoop Dogg. Regardless of where Bad Azz was that period of time he was filled with a lot of high energy, creativity, and many different artists filling up Can-Am Studios.

Bad Azz Featured On Krazy

Bad Azz was one of the few that was able to work with Tupac on the iconic Makaveli album. “Krazy was dope. Krazy was like, I feel like it was meant to happen, you know what I’m saying? Like something that the universe put together. You know some people call it God,” he said. “Just perfect timing, you know what I’m saying? Right place at the right time.”

Being part of the album was not planned, but all it took was like Bad Azz said, right place right time, to go with a dope verse. “We was next door, ‘Pac and them was in one studio, we was in the next studio. We was all recording, everyday,” explains Bad Azz.

But on this particular day things went a bit different. “I went in the studio and to say what’s up to Tupac. And, they had the beat up. ‘Pac was writing to it. Outlawz was writing to it,” he explained. “‘Pac was like ‘yeah Bad Azz, you got something for this?’ And I was like yep. I went in there and recorded my verse.”

Tupac would give his stamp of approval and the rest is history. Bad Azz made the official cut for the album on the song ‘Krazy’. “That record has really touched a lot of people. It was just a blessing like I said for me to get on it. For me to go in there at the time I did just to say what’s up to my homeboy. And that’s all it was. I didn’t go in there with the intention like I’ma go rap with Tupac today,” said Bad Azz.


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