Ayanna Jackson Interview Talks Tupac, Rape Case

Ayanna Jackson the woman who accused Tupac of rape in 1994 was interviewed on camera for the first time in 2018. This VLADTV interview was Jackson’s first on camera interview since the alleged rape.

DJ Vlad has been hit with much criticism, as many wonder whether or not Vlad should have given Jackson a platform to speak.

Some felt the Ayanna Jackson interview exposed her. As many have pointed out the inconsistencies in Ayanna Jackson side of the story.


William Lesane

Tupac’s cousin, William Lesane share a story about Ayanna Jackson for BET’s Death Row Chronicles.

When covering Tupac’s alleged rape case, William Lesane gave insight to a telephone conversation with the alleged rape victim Ayanna Jackson. Ayanna Jackson recently appeared after twenty plus years for her first on video interview with Vladtv. Ayanna came across to many in that interview as a liar. Besides contradicting herself throughout the interview, she also didn’t seem to care about anyone else who she claimed raped her that night like Haitian Jack. She was more focused on ensuring Tupac was to blame and to be held fully responsible.

During episode three of the Death Row Chronicles William Lesane talked about a telephone conversation he and Ayanna had when Tupac was in prison. “While Pac was in prison I got a phone call by that woman Ayanna who was allegedly raped in that hotel room. I asked her Pac is really struggling with prison are you thinking about taking back these charges. She said no, the only reason why I am calling is to tell you, I had to say what i said in the witness stand, I cant go back to the judge and say Pac didn’t do it, my life is in danger”, William Lesane told BET Death Row Chronicle producers.

E.D.I Mean

E.DI. Mean aka EDIDON another member of the Outlawz, used his own platform to voice his thoughts on the matter. EDI who hosts The Dinner Club via Dash Radio gave his thoughts on the Ayanna Jackson interview conducted by DJ Vlad.

The audio clip can be heard below.



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