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Author Sulaiman Jenkins Talks Writing Life Is Raw, 2Pac’s Influence

On episode 51, we welcome author Sulaiman Jenkins to discuss working on Mutah “Napoleon” Beale’s biography, Life is Raw, overcoming addiction, the elements and sources of post-traumatic growth, and the kinder sides of Mutah and 2Pac.

Sulaiman Jenkins earned his MA in TESOL from NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education. He has been in the field of ELT, most notably in Saudi Arabia, for more than 14 years.

Sulaiman does research in sociolinguistics, contrastive rhetoric, language and culture. He has contributed to academia by way of publishing numerous articles in top peer reviewed journals and helped ghost write Mutah Beale’s new book, Life is Raw.

sulaiman jenkins

Life is ЯAW: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw (@lifeisrawoutlaw) will take readers on a journey through the life of Mutah “Napoleon” Beale.

Sometimes, we need to go through hell to appreciate the heaven of the ordinary. In addition, post-traumatic growth involves a greater appreciation of our relationships, increased compassion, seeing new possibilities, greater awareness of our strengths, spiritual development, and creativity.

Mutah’s life encompasses all of these traits as his story explores an underworld journey that all of us, to some extent, have to go through. Suffering is inevitable, but our response is solely within our grasp. We get to decide what to do with our sorrow. And Mutah’s life, as told by Sulaiman, provides us with the ultimate guidebook.

Life Is Raw


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