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Asian Doll Reaction to King Von’s Manager Akademiks Interview

Asian Doll reaction to Von’s manager’s interview with Akademiks, as she says, “Know your place. Sit the f— down in that wheelchair.”

According to Asian Doll, she claims Von told her through the spiritual reader that his friend abandoned him during his last moments alive. Von’s manager quickly denounced these allegations when he spoke exclusively to Akademiks Monday afternoon (November 9).

Von’s manager argued that Asian Doll was not there when the shooting occurred. “She’s talking about she’s talking to Von through her spiritual advisor from after death,” he said in his interview with Ak. “So, you talkin’ to the dead now, Asian Doll?”


But, Asian Doll who had an up and down relationship with Von, was not haven’t it. Quickly to respond to the interview, she said, “He really runnin’ his mouth. Everything he sayin’, that ain’t s—,” she said during a live stream. “Nobody was there. None of us was there. Nobody was there. We saw it. Everybody saw it.”

Although there might be different angles of various surveillance footage, Asian Doll is not interested as she is convinced with the video that went public by TMZ. “Know your place. Sit the f— down in that wheelchair. ‘Cause we saw you. We saw what happened. F— one angle. F— the next angle. Everybody saw what the f– happened. And I wasn’t there. Just like y’all wasn’t there,” she added.

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