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Ashley Bohrer Talks The Challenges Of Racism, Classism, Sexism In Society

On episode 80, we welcome philosopher Ashley Bohrer, the new APA Public Philosophy editor.

Ashley J. Bohrer is an academic, activist, and public intellectual. She is assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame and previously held a postdoctoral position at Hamilton College. Her research in the fields of philosophy, critical race studies, decolonial theory, intersectional feminism, and Marxism explores the intersections of capitalism, colonialism, racism and hetero/sexism.

Ashley taught us about intersectionality and how negating racism, classism, ageism, and sexism in a society doesn’t, by itself, eliminate any of the others, implying the need to challenge each on its own.

Utilizing Karl Marx as a lens, Ashley examines the ills of capitalism, and explores communal alternatives to our current power structures. If the purpose of philosophy is to change the world with ideas through action, Ashley perfectly embodies the Marxist prescription.

Topics discussed with Ashley Bohrer

  • Intersectionality and the importance of combatting racism, sexism, classism, and ableism as separate but related challenges
  • Ashley’s first-hand account of police brutality toward protestors;
  • Understanding the associated motives behind policing, academia, and the media
  • The whitewashing of philosophy and utilizing public philosophy to shine a light on marginalized philosophers
  • Using tribalism and American exceptionalism to foment disdain for communist ideology; Ashley’s alternative to policing
  • Gate-keeping in academia and how a sense of intellectual superiority can be replaced with a desire for significance in one’s community
  • Why we can use Marx’s writings to understand our collective predicament
  • The importance of changing the world, not just thinking about its problems.

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