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Ashanti Writes For J-Lo, Plus Fat Joe’s Shocking Claim!

Appearing on Fat Joe’s IG Live show, Ashanti discusses if she ever wrote for J-Lo, and also becomes aware of almost not making the final version of ‘What’s Luv’.

Fat Joe who is known for not holding back with his guests, was quick to ask Ashanti about rumors of her writing for J-Lo. A rumor which Ashanti did not deny.

“Absolutely, I wrote Ain’t It Funny remix. I wrote that. I believe Ja [Rule] wrote the hook, and what was crazy about it that was around that time her and Puff was going through that issue. And, on everything I love, Puff hit somebody from the label, ‘Is she talking about me?’. And, I was like no I promise I’m not talking about you.”

Fat Joe would go on to reveal how Ashanti was very close in not making the final version of a hit single featuring Joey Crack himself.

“Irv and Ja had called me, and they woke me up like 3 in the morning, and they said, ‘Yo Come down. We made a song for you’,” Fat Joe recalls. “So, when I go to the studio, like 4 in the morning, they play ‘What’s Luv’. And, you’re on it. And, they was telling me, ‘Yo this is for you and J-Lo. We want the Latinos on this’.”

Released in 2001, ‘What’s Luv’ was an instant hit, which appeared on Fat Joe’s fourth studio album ‘J.O.S.E.’. As, Fat Joe reveals the original plans for the hit single, Ashanti is shocked to say the least. According to Joe, he vouched for Ashanti. “Nah, we leaving her there. And, that’s how that went down.”

Ashanti hearing this for the first time ever said, “He stayed pulling records or trying to pull records from me.”

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