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Bone Thugs Said Tupac Was Trolling, Fat Joe Almost Cries

Hip Hop artist ASAP Ferg, recently appeared on Fat Joe’s Instagram Live show, where he shared a story about Bone Thugs calling Tupac Shakur’s actions as trolling.

The topic of Biggie and Tupac came about after Fat Joe asked the Harlem native who inspired him to peruse a rap career. After naming the likes of Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Dr. Dre, and Biggie Smalls — next up on the list was Tupac. “I loved Tupac’s imagine, but I didn’t understand the music back then,” Ferg said.

This prompted Fat Joe to give his thoughts on Tupac, where Joe stated he recently heard a song by Shakur, which nearly made him cry. That particular song was “Changes”, released on Tupac’s Greatest Hits album in 1998.

Although Fat Joe always showed his allegiance to Biggie Smalls, he always gave credit to Tupac later in his career. “The other day I was listening to the radio, and they played, ‘All I see is racist faces’. Man I dare you to listen to that when you get off this live.”

“To me I ain’t gonna lie to you, I always loved Tupac. I always loved his music, but I was more of a B.I.G…. Biggie is my man. My brother personally. I had certain reservations, but now that I get to study the life of Tupac and he came up from the Black Panthers, and who his step-father was, and who his mother was,” Fat Joe explained. “This man was telling us what was going on a head of time. He said, ‘Yo we got to eat better’. This sh*t twenty years ago, the sh*t he was talking about.”

Fat Joe also recalls the various times he would see Tupac, claiming Shakur was always getting into fights. “Every time I seen Tupac he was beaten up somebody. Every time,” Fat Joe said. “That n***a was wildin’ for the night.”

ASAP Ferg never met Shakur so he couldn’t really share his own “Tupac story”, but rather shared an interesting statement made by Boone Thugs-N-Harmony.

ASAP Ferg Said Bone Thugs Labeled Tupac's Actions As Trolling

“I was talking to the Bone Thugs, and they was saying Pac was basically trolling. Like, that’s what we would consider like trolling now, but he was trying to just make some money,” ASAP Ferg said.

On their 1997 studio album ‘The Art of War’, Bone Thugs would feature Tupac on a song titled ‘Thug Luv’.

Ferg also recalled a conversation he had with Bizzy Bone where he said Tupac didn’t really dislike Biggie Smalls. “He [Tupac] was on that 48 Laws of Power shit, that Art of War shit,” ASAP Ferg said.

Fast forward to 7:00 for the discussion about Tupac between Fat joe and ASAP Ferg.


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