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Artists, Producers Reflect On The Hope Dealer Part 2

Edi Don’s album “The Hope Dealer Part 2” celebrated its one year anniversary this week. Released digitally through O4L Digital on December 7, 2018, Edi’s second project in The Hope Dealer series contained fourteen tracks full of hope.

A year since the album’s release, Edi revealed that he recorded the song ‘Fly’ almost a decade ago. In a recent Instagram post, Edi said, “the message is everlasting. Needed it more than you did and wasn’t hearing it from nobody. Want something done right? Y’all know the rest! O4L ho!”

the hope dealer

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About a year ago, Outlawz Nation spoke with various people who were involved with the album, getting their thoughts and insights on the making of The Hope Dealer Part 2.

Edi Don breaks down what the album means to him

“I’m proud of it, it’s some of my best work as a solo artist. Gotta move on though so this is it. Full disclosure, I never wanted to be a solo artist. I actually did this as a challenge to myself and to bring some hope to this game. But that’s what makes life worth living, the challenges. I wanna thank the spirit of Tupac Amaru Shakur for his belief in my talent and giving me a chance. Thank you to my children for sharing me with the world. Thank you to all the producers, engineers and artist who’s contributed to this special project. Everything else I gotta say is in the music.”

Chris Noxx producer for the anthem, O4L Again

“I’m a huge hip hop head, I grew up on ‘Pac and the Outlawz. To be able to work with my heroes in rap has been an amazing journey. Edi is extremely talented and humble, and it was an honour to help contribute to his project. We connected a few years ago through a mutual friend; Jason and we’ve been rocking ever since. I sent him a variety of beats during The Hope Dealer 2 production process. He ended up picking two beats out of the batch I wouldn’t have guessed he was going to use. That just proved to me this guy is truly a master of his craft and can adapt to any sound. It was incredible to hear his final ideas come to light. I’m ecstatic to be a part of the project. Shout out to all the architects of this s***, it’s still Outlawz 4 Life!”

Producer & Fan Describes Involvement As ‘Monumental’

“I got the text from Edi like send some joints through, this was back when Fatal was still alive. I started sending him all kind of beats and luckily just so happens one of those tracks became the intro for the album. It’s always been a blessing for me to even work with these brothers, I grew up on their music. My father died a fan of theirs and Tupac’s. So to even be a part of this journey, for me, is monumental. Expect more work from me and the Outlawz and get hip to our previous works! Big shout out to Edi for the opportunity,” says Boss Devito who produced the intro.

The Hope Dealer

Zayd Malik – Featured on Lifted

“The Hope Dealer 2 is the continuation of the Outlaw and Thug Life legacy by one of our last visible vestiges of the movement and person that is Tupac. I was blessed to be a part of the song ‘Lifted’. Outlaw music is more life than music and as such me and big bro just been livin’. Ridin’ late nights and early mornings. Sometimes we might end up at a studio to talk to the mic. That’s how the song ‘Lifted’ was created. The beat came on, I wrote to it not expecting to record. Blinked twice and next thing I know I see my name on the playlist. Gotta love this O4L s***. It’s the realest.”

Zayd Malik

The Hope Dealer Part 2 is available via Google Play iTunes Amazon Music


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