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Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks iPhone Xs With GMA

Tim Cook Talks China Trade Wars, iPhone Xs, iWatch Series4

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on ABC Good Morning America and spoke about the recent trade wars with China and the new iPhones.

When discussing the new iPhone and its price, Tim Cook believes the iPhone is worth every penny. “The phone has replaced your digital camera. You don’t have a separate one anymore. It’s replaced your video camera. It’s replaced your music player. It’s replaced all these different devices.”

Tim Cook goes on to defend the rising prices of the iPhone by stating that, “people want the most innovative product and that does not come cheap.” Tim Cook believes it’s not about selling the most but rather selling the best.

Cook also spoke about the new iWatch series 4 and its unbelievable ability to take an ECG and record its results that can be shared with your doctor.

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President Donald Trump and his administration announced exemptions to the 10 percent tariffs on China imports including some Apple products. This news scared consumers who felt they would have to pay more for their beloved Apple products such as the new iWatch 4 and new the iPhone Xs. Although these tariffs are set to start this September 24 and increase as high as 24 percent, the Apple Watch and AirPods are on the exempt list.

When asked about the exemptions, Tim Cook has didn’t seem worried, “I’m optimistic. Trade is one of those things where, it’s not a zero sum game. You and I can trade something and we can both win. I think the two countries will sort this out.”

Cook also stated that although the iPhone for example is assembled in China, many of its parts come from everywhere including the glass screens which come from Kentucky. Cook also talked about investing Apple more into America, “Apple is deeply American company. We’re investing $350 billion in the country over the next five years. And we’re staring facilities in a number of different places.”

Other topics touched on were about the camera on the iPhone Xs and Aniemoji.


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