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Angie Martinez Talks Tupac Interview, Biggie And Dogg Pound Incident Shooting

Angie Martinez appeared on an episode of Drink Champs, talking about the time she interviewed Tupac. Further on, Angie also talks about Biggie calling up Funk Flex on hot 97 show, urging Brooklyn to stand up.

Angie’s appearance on Drink Champs comes days after her interview with Page Size where she spoke about having the tapes of the interview in a secure location.

The 1996 interview with Tupac was over 2 hours in duration with 12 minutes only released. Tupac spoke to Angie Martinez at length about various topics including his beef with Biggie and Bad Boy records. Knowing some of the content on the tapes makes for uncomfortable hearing, Angie understands it’s a party of history and should be heard. As a result, Angie is planning a project to release the interview.

angie martinez tupac interview
Angie Martinez with Tupac 1996

On the Drink Champs episode, Angie Martinez sits with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to discuss her career in hip-hop. Early on in the episode, N.O.R.E. mentions Angie’s infamous interview with Tupac. Explaining that she flew out to California, she conducted the interview at Tupac’s apartment. She also squashed the rumor of the interview filmed with a video camera saying, “people always think I have this ‘Pac video, there’s no video. We just took a couple of pictures, it’s just audio. It was me by myself with a little machine like this big and a microphone.”

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N.O.R.E. remembers the start of Angie Martinez’s interview with Tupac, where he talks about hip-hop needing to become wealthy. Although ‘Pac was beefing with rappers from the east, Angie acknowledged Tupac’s great mind and ideas. Because of the ideas of Tupac, rappers like Nipsey Hussle put the plans into practice, with DJ EFN calling rappers following the ideas of Tupac’s ‘Pac’s seeds’.

Angie Recalls Biggie Calling For ‘Brooklyn To Stand Up’ After Hit ‘Em Up

Later, N.O.R.E. asks about Biggie calling the radio station Hot 97 when Tha Dogg Pound visited New York. The Dogg Pound came to the city to shoot the video for ‘New York, New York’ just after the release of ‘Hit ‘Em Up‘. After hearing about the video shoot, Biggie called the radio station suggesting for Brooklyn to make a stand. A little time later, Tha Dogg Pound’s trailer was shot at, with the rapper’s inside.

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Tha Dogg Pound

At the time, Angie Martinez was working the board on the show. Confirming Biggie’s call, Angie said, “BIG would often call into the radio. So that night it was like ‘yo they shooting this video in Brooklyn, Brooklyn stand up’, it was something to that effect.” Angie says that she has had many conversations with Snoop Dogg about the incident. Snoop says that Biggie sent a clear message out to Brooklyn to target the video set.


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