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Andre Risen Talks Meeting 2Pac, Left Eye Burning The House, Treach

Tupac Warned Me Left Eye Was Crazy

Five time Pro Bowler Andre Risen speaks to The Art Of Dialogue. Andre Risen who is working on a biopic titled ‘Foolishly In Love’ explained why now is a good time for a biopic. “Where am at in my life. You know to push the button. We could’ve been push the button,” says Andre. “You gotta already know where you at. Your feet gotta be set before you shoot. Hit your target,” explained Andre Risen.

Foolishy In Love as pointed out by The Art Of Dialogue has a casting call that consist of Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. As many know Andre Risen and Left Eye had a relationship which in 1994 Left Eye burned Andre’s house. According to Left Eye, Andre Risen was physically abusive towards her the night before she burned the house down. Andre has never really had a chance to explain what happened that night and the day the house was burned down.

Andre Risen will get his chance to give his side of the story in the biopic Foolishly In Love. “A huge moment in history, that’s whats crazy. It might be in schools. It might be in hip hop. Once they make hip hop a study. You can get credits for knowing this shit,” says Andre when referring to the house burning down. A top story at the time, only to fall to second to O.J Simpson right after.


Andre wasn’t the only one who was close to Left Eye. Tupac Shakur and Left Eye also knew each other as well and had a friendship. During the interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Andre reveals Tupac sleeping over his house after shooting the video for I Gott Get Mine. The video which also featured MC Breed.

Tupac Feat. MC Breed – Gotta Get Mine

Much more is spoken about Tupac in the interview and according to Andre Risen a lot will be seen in the biopic. Andre also touches on his relationship with Suge Knight and finding out that Treach smashed Left Eye.


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