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Amber Rose Is Coming For OnlyFans Top 10 List! Teases Fans

After the monthly earnings became public for celebrities who have their own OnlyFans account, more and more celebrities are joining the fun. For It appears for Amber Rose she will do whatever it takes to become the number one OnlyFans account in the world.

Amber Rose took to Twitter as she shared a photo of what fans can expect from her OnlyFans account. The 36-year-old the author and entertainer recently spoke with Daily Beast as she detailed her intentions with the new exclusive account.

Amber Rose Is Coming For OnlyFans Top 10 List! Teases Fans

“I would’ve joined earlier but I was pregnant! I would’ve been the first one on there, are you crazy?! [Laughs] With my second baby, I got up to 224 pounds, Rose explains. “So now, I’m about ten pounds away from where I was before I had Slash. But yeah, I would’ve done it earlier.


At the moment Blac Chyna is holding on to the number one spot earning over 15 million a month with her OnlyFans account. Rapper Casanova, Tyga, and model Jordyn Woods have made headlines over the past week with their accounts.

For Rose, nothing is off limits. Well maybe not everything. “For me, (breast) aren’t a big deal. I’ll show my (breast) all day on OnlyFans — (breast), and (behind), and twerking. All the good stuff. I’m gonna leave my (private part) for my husband but everything else is fair game.”

Unlike other celebrities who’s account apparently do not live up to the hype, Rose is keeping her word. “Whatever I say I’m gonna give you, I’m gonna give you. I was a stripper, bro. It’s not a big deal to me. I like to get the people going—and love the haters as well. I just think it’s fun. It’s like a digital strip club for me, and it brings me back to my roots.”


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