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Allen Hughes Directing Tupac 5-Part Docuseries

Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. If we all thought we had seen the last of a Tupac documentary, well we was wrong. Not to say a Tupac docuseries is a bad thing. Allen Hughes directing Tupac 5-part docuseries, that might get mixed reactions.

Between 2017 and 2018 we saw USA Network’s Unsolved, Fox’s Who Shot Biggie & Tupac hosted by Ice-T and the Defiant Ones. The Defiant Ones was directed by Allen Hughes.

It is no mystery as Tupac and Allen Hughes have history. History that resulted in an altercation and Tupac spending 15 days in jail. Tupac at the time was suppose to be in the movie Menance 2 Society, but was angered when he was fired by the Hughes Brothers. This lead to Tupac feeling the Hughes brothers had disrespected him and claimed he put his hands on the Hughes Brothers.

Tupac Yo! MTV Raps

Tupac would express those feelings on Yo! MTV Raps in 1993. Hosted by Ed Lover, Tupac goes on to say, “They fired me but did it in around about punk snitch way. So I caught them in the streets and beat their behinds.” At this point Tupac would become animated and say he was “a menace to the Hughes brothers”. Only then to be restrained by Ed Lover.

Unfortunately for Tupac the footage of him on Yo! MTV Raps was seen by the Judge. The footage would come in to play as Tupac “can be seen bragging about what he did to the Hughes Brothers”. On March 10, 1994 Tupac would be sentenced to 15 days and jails with 30 months probation. Along with a $2,000 fine and 30 days community service.

Allen Hughes tells his side of the story

Allen Hughes appeared on Sway In The Morning, 20 years after the incident and explained his side of the Tupac incident. According to Allen Hughes, New Line Cinema agreed to finance the film if Hughes acquired a platinum recording artist to take part in Menace 2 Society. Once Tupac agreed to the film, Hughes claims Tupac during rehearsal was to erratic. To the point that Hughes did not understand why or what has going on with Tupac.

Although erratic, Hughes at times and others found Tupac’s behavior hilarious. Hughes recalls Tupac yelling at the make up artist shouting that he was not putting on make up. With that being said Hughes told everyone on set inlcuding Jada Pinkett who was there, not to laugh and “encourage bad behavior”.

Day 2 of shooting the film and Tupac would notice that no one was responding to his jokes. At this moment according to Hughes Tupac says something confrontational to him. Hughes then asks Tupac to speak to him in his office. Hughes states because Tupac’s behavior in the office, this led Hughes to fire Tupac. Tupac would then shout, “call my manager” and stormed out the office. This would be the last time Hughes would see Tupac until the incident.

Tupac & Allen Hughes Reunite In New Docuseries

Fast forward to 2019, and Allen Hughes Directing Tupac 5-Part DocuSeries is approved. Hughes and the Tupac Estate have signed off on deal for a 5-part docuseries based on Tupac’s life. According to Deadline the Tupac Estate has granted Allen Hughes full access to Tupac’s released and unreleased material. Hughes will also have access to Tupac’s writings and poetry.

All this material and the backing of the Tupac Estate will enable Allen Hughes to direct and executive produce the 5-part Tupac docuseries. Hughes won’t take on this project alone, as he will have Lasse Jarvi and Charles D. King. Tom Pellegrini will be producer in a co-production between Interscope Films & MACRO.

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Where will this Tupac docuseries air? That is yet to be seen, but one would have to assume, HBO is the front runner. Allen Hughes, Defiant Ones was televised on HBO.


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