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Alicia Keys Explains Meaning Behind Self-Titled Album

Appearing on Big Boy TV, Alicia Keys gives us some insight and explanation as to why she choose the title ‘Alicia’ for her seventh studio album.

Alicia Keys has had a long successful career of twenty years in the music industry, which is not an easy task. Something that Alicia reflects on and is still quite unbelievable when she puts it into perspective. “It is definitely mind blowing to me to be able to say that, you know I’ve had this level of love from the beginning.”

Despite the fame and success, Alicia remains humble and appreciative to have the opportunity to touch so many lives with the universal language that is music. “It’s an honor for me. Music is so powerful and there’s nothing like it. The one thing we can all get no matter what’s up or how we feel.”

Throughout her journey Alicia has been able to get to know herself a lot more than she could ever imagine. Feeling more and more as her complete self, made this the right time in her life and music career for the self-titled album ‘Alicia. “I’ve never been more myself. I never been fully Alicia the way that I am right now.” With that being said anyone who has followed Alicia Keys career shouldn’t think that all before she has been “phony”. “I never been phony, or not real. I’ve always been myself in that time,” explains Alicia. “I’ve always been as you know one of the realest people you’ve ever met. I never had a fake persona, but I felt like now I know all the sides of Alicia.”

We’re quick to judge because we’re certain we know who everyone is. I am courageous, and they’re cowardly. I’m terrible, and they’re wonderful. But, in the play of life, I play different parts at different times, and so do you. The complexity, beauty, comedy, and tragedy of our inherited theater exhibits all of our sides to us, often through external avatars, through others. I possess the qualities you do, and, conversely, in some sense, you are also me. Our roles, all of them, even if we deny them, define us. You are whom I believe you are, and so much more.

Leon Garber, Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist

On this new album ‘Alicia’, the many sides of who she is will on full display. Her many sides as a person is not uncommon in this world, as many should relate with this new project. “I think as humans, we kinda like get to know that one side. Oh, we gonna play this side because most of my friends know me like this. Or when I’m at work Ima be this side cause I gotta kinda present this version. Or when I’m with my parents I do this version. We kinda like section ourselves off in so many ways. So I finally have recognized that there’s so many sides of who I am and I want to get to know all of them.”

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Alicia Keys is also set to host the 62nd annual Grammy awards. This will be the second consecutive Grammy awards shows Alicia will host, making here only the third woman in history to host the show twice. “At first I did think last year was a one-time thing. But when the opportunity came back around there was no question about returning as host of the Grammy Awards.”

Alicia Keys recently released the single ‘Underdog‘ off the new album which drops on March 20th.


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