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Alicia Keys and Fat Joe Select Their Top 5 Rappers Of All Time

Alicia Keys appeared on The Fat Joe Show, where the two artists gave their top five rappers of all time list.

Despite continuous connectivity issues, Alicia Keys named her top five rappers of all time. But first she flipped the question on Fat Joe, asking the New York rapper about his top five list.

“It would be Jay-Z. It would be Biggie, KRS-One. I would say the god Rakim, and I got one more, it would be Big Pun. That would be my top five,” Fat Joe said on IG live.

Now for Alicia Keys turn with one rule in place. According to Joey Crack, she is not able to pick him as one of her top five rappers of all time.”Take Fat Joe out of it. I don’t wanna be no one’s favorite,” Fat Joe explained. “Top five MC’s. Nas, Jay, Jada, Pac, and X,” Alicia Keys stating her top five rappers of all time.

Selecting “X” as one of her favorites led into the discussion of the next Verzuz battle. A battle which will see Snoop Dogg match his catalog against DMX. The two artist are set to battle on July 22nd.

Fat Joe makes the argument as he feels Snoop Dogg isn’t a fair comparison to DMX. Claiming Snoop’s catalog has many hits that will live forever. Alicia Keys on the other hand is going with X. “The thing about X is that he’s so emotional. Its something about that emotion that comes through him,” Alicia explained. “His delivery. His lyrics, and then the power. It makes you feel.”

Keys would also give her top five R&B singers of all time. “Top 5 is gonna be, and it is very hard by the way. It’s hard because there’s a lot of greatness,” Alicia said. “But, for me. For me. My top five today is Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Sade, Minnie Riperton, and Lauryn Hill.”


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