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Alen, Leon’s American Philosophical Association Interview

On this episode, the Seize the Moment Podcast team is interviewed for the blog of the American Philosophical Association.

Interviewed by Ashley Bohrer who is the new APA Public Philosophy editor. Ashley J. Bohrer is an academic, activist, and public intellectual. She is assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame and previously held a postdoctoral position at Hamilton College. Her research in the fields of philosophy, critical race studies, decolonial theory, intersectional feminism, and Marxism explores the intersections of capitalism, colonialism, racism and hetero/sexism.

Alen and Leon began Seize the Moment Podcast in order to bring important ideas in psychology and philosophy to the public sphere. They realized that the ideas they were learning could become significant elements of change if understood by a wide audience, and sought the help of experts in these fields to help them manifest their vision.

Alen, Leon's American Philosophical Association Interview
Leon Garber

Since then, their podcast has helped others become better thinkers and more confident actors by providing them with the tools of success and growth. In changing harmful mindsets, they hope to contribute to improving the lives of their listeners.

Alen, Leon's American Philosophical Association Interview
Alen Ulman

Topics discussed on Alen and Leon’s interview with the American Philosophical Association

  • Leon’s childhood
  • Existential anxiety and how he found a remedy in philosophy
  • Alen’s early experiences and the ways they shaped his drive to understand people, his fascination with the workings of the human ego and its toxic effects on relationships
  • How they bonded over Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning
  • The beginning stages of the podcast, the importance of podcasts providing authentic dialogues
  • How they used the show and its guests for personal self-development
  • The ways in which public philosophy contributes to the general well-being and sense of community
  • Why the hosts think of themselves as students in a classroom
  • The intimate links between philosophy and psychology, and how ideas can become medicinal agents

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