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Album Review: EDI DON Presents The Hope Dealer PT 2

The Hope Dealer Part 2 is EDI Don’s second solo studio album via O4L Digital. EDI Don, being part of Tupac’s legendary group the Outlawz, goes back to his roots and shows growth in his music and life. O4L Online reviews The Hope Dealer Part 2. Haters not allowed.

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1. H.O.P.E 2 / Feat. Deva Pink / Prod. By Boss Devito

THD2 opens up just as THD1 did, with Deva Pink. Most sequels of disappoint, but this opening intro does not. Deva Pink recites a poem to start off this amazing intro, “Wanna fall in love, yet no one wants to fall, afraid to become bait.” Reciting a poem over a beat produced by Boss Devito who did an amazing job with this one. EDI Don is up next on the song introducing the new album, “Relax your mind, and let your soul be free, you tuned to the sounds of THD.” The song overall builds anticipation for the album. From Deva to EDI to Boss Devito on the beat, they all deliver.


2. Welcome To My World / Feat. Young Noble, CZAR / Prod. Chris Noxx

EDI and Young Noble have had to endure so much throughout the years and it is addressed in this song. The beat produced by Chris Noxx helps to channel that pain along with CZAR on the hook. “Welcome to my world, nobody give a damn, spitting to em crystal clear, but they still don’t understand,” Young Noble as he summarizes what he has been through the past couple of years. This song is a classic Outlawz song and both EDI and Noble bring you into their world with this song.

3. Stripes / Feat. ED Bone, H-Ryda / Prod. By Kizzy, Tommy D, EDI

“My legacy already past some of your favorites, and I got plenty in the tank, more gas for the haters,” EDI opens this track with a gritty spitting bar rap style, digging deep into his Brooklyn roots. ED Bone and H-Ryda compliment the track well, but would have been good to see EDI solo on this one. EDI showcasing his lyricists side is something that gets overlooked.

4. #O4L Again / Prod. By Chris Noxx

This song is straight fire. The O4L movement has an anthem song to ride to. The song kicks off with the late great Hussein Fatal. No Fatal doesn’t drop a verse on this one, but has some wise words for all. Chris Noxx once again did his thing. This one definitely one to blast where ever you at! O4L Again challenge?

5. Dreams / Feat. Aktual / Prod. By Aceman

The first single off the album. Inspirational music which is the norm from EDI. The song is without a doubt a hit. Something we come to expect from EDI and Aktual who always drop a classic. Aceman who also produced Wounds delivers with a well put together production ready for the mainstream.

6. Money Ain’t Enough / Prod. By 8trak

Another EDI solo, which is good to see. EDI shows once again he can carry a song solo. Often times hard to do when as an artist you are part of a group for so long. “I don’t want it all, I just need mine, if time is money, then every second, every dime,” EDI on the hook.

7. No Sleep / Feat. Deladiea, JP Cali Smoov / Prod. By Ralo Styles

Need a song to vibe to? Press play and relax your mind. Matter of fact get some of that good kush and let Deladiea on the hook help you lose no sleep on whatever you’re dealing with. JP Cali Smoov and EDI aren’t letting the negativity stop them as well.

8. This Way / Feat. Kokane / Prod. By Skinny Mash, EDI

Don’t put that lighter away just yet. This next song will make you wanna ride down L.A on a beautiful sunny day. Great song to vibe to, whether you are chilling at home or out riding. This Way has a Today Is A Good Day, To Live and Die In L.A vibe to it.

9. Stars / Feat. Kevin McCall / Prod. By Tyler Gatson

If you was looking for a club type of song for the ladies, then this one is for you. “I had to boss up from a bucket, now pushing benz, attitude still (mess) it, yelling f friends, time to switch it up, take her out the bedroom, hop on my back seat, (she) give me head too,” EDI rapping over the Tyler Gatson beat.

10. Fo Ina Morning / Feat. Deladiea, DJ Stay Turnt Up / Prod. By Skinny Mash, Delediea

This is your classic Deladiea, DJ Stay Turnt Up produced by Skinny Mash song. The chemistry is quite evident. Add EDI to this formula and you got yourself a hit. “Ha, as she knows the situation, make it rain in the club, precipitation, I never told her information, but she still on my line like call waiting,” DJ Stay Turnt Up kicks off the lay back song.

11. Lifted / Feat. Zayd Malik, ED Bone / Prod. By House Of Vibe All Stars

After a few female driven songs, THD2 switches gears with Lifted as we head towards the end of the album. Although the song does have a laid back vibe on the hook, when its time drop a verse, the beat gets more intense. House Of Vibe All Stars did an amazing job with this one. All three, EDI, Zayd and ED Bone delivered. By far one of the top songs from the THD2.

12. Wants And Needs / Prod. By Sutardy Brothers

EDI’s growth is shown in this song. Wise words spoken from The Hope Dealer himself. The song is produced by the talented Sutardy Brothers who produced Straight Ahead featuring Kastro on The Hope Dealer Part 1.

13. LOAO2020 / Prod. By Julian Spade

Life Of An Outlaw 2020 is an instant classic. The song starts with EDI on auto tune which unlike hip hop nowadays it is not over down and fits the song very well. EDI on the hook brings us back to the Makaveli album with the hook, “In this life we live as thugs, everybody (messing) with us, so cant you see it, its hard to be a man.” Second verse starts off with EDI talking to himself, “Thats what you get for being far too kind EDI.” Outlawz and Tupac fans will love this one.

14. Fly / Feat. Gifted / Prod. By Gifted

Closing out The Hope Dealer Part 2, is Fly. The song featuring and produced by Gifted. EDI hits us with that Ghetto Gospel and is a great way to close out the album. Leaving us with substance and hope.

The Hope Dealer Part 2 is available via Google Play | iTunes | Amazon Music


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