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Aktual Teams Up With The Outlawz For “2 Tone Drip Remix”

Aktual teams up with the legendary Outlawz for another classic collaboration on “2 Tone Drip Remix.”

Featured on over 400 plus songs and having collaborated with over 80 major artists, the vocals of Aktual are certainly in high demand. At present, the Atlanta native has put the finishing touches to Tape 6, his 6th studio project. Speaking recently on the Heart Of An Outlaw Show, Aktual revealed plans to release a video for each song on his latest album.

Last month, Aktual dropped the intro to the album teaming up with the legendary Outlawz. Now, Aktual has once again collaborated with E.D.I. Mean and Young Noble on “2 Tone Drip Remix.” Presented by clothing brand Camera God, “2 Tone Drip Remix” shines the light on trendy street fashion. Produced by King Mezzy, this latest track has Aktual start the first verse. Mixing harmonizing highs and rapid wordplay, Aktual takes the listener on a journey of ballin’ and hustle.

E.D.I. Mean follows up on the second verse, providing his legendary rhyming skills. Recognizing that fashion and Hip Hop intertwine, E.D.I. reminds people how owning luxurious items came as a result of hard work. Naming brands like D&G and Yeezys, E.D.I. Mean also references the iconic Outlaw tattoo. “Sitting at my table, ain’t nothin’ but some veterans and we put it in our flesh, willing to die for what we reppin.”

Last but not least, Young Noble uses the third verse to encourage Black entrepreneurs to stay on their grind. Describing himself as the only competition, the Outlaw veteran oozes positive vibes.

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Both Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean appear alongside Aktual in the music video shot by AGF Development. In addition, Camera God Clothing features throughout the video. Starting in Milwaukee, the apparel brand reaches content creators all over the world. Merging fashion and creativity, Camera God wants creators to show the world what happens when the camera flashes.


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